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clientuploads/fruit_butters.pngFruit Butter

Our fruit butters are made from whole select fruit. It’s cooked to a paste then lightly sweetened (with no added preservatives or corn syrup). It’s goodness in a jar!



We make our preserves the old fashioned way; we take whole fruit and sweeten it with pure cane sugar (no preservatives added). Our preserves are the perfect topping for ice cream, cheesecake, and waffles (not to mention a variety of meat dishes)!



Jelly is fruit juice cooked with sugar to form a gel (Hence the name “Jelly.”) Some of our fruits require us to add pectin to help them set up, but that’s only because the fruit itself doesn’t supply enough (like grapes). Try our Jalapeno Jelly with cream cheese on crackers. It’s delish!



Our jam is made with both the juice and the flesh of the fruit. It’s cut into pieces then heated with water and sugar before we “jam” as much sweetness as we can into each jar!


clientuploads/spread_thumb.pngFruit Spreads

Our fruit spreads have all the amazing flavor of our jams without the added sugars. They’re perfect for low carb or low sugar diets!



When we say all natural, we mean it! We don’t need any additives to make our products great. We rely on all natural, quality ingredients...because that’s all we need.